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Alas, here we are. Another Tuesday which brings with it another Open Forum. This week I thought we could talk about locations traveled, the faces we've met, and areas that remain uncharted.

Since I live on the Westest of Coastses There's much to see and very little time to see it all. I mean, there's shops in my own town that I've yet to visit! The world is too vast and yet some of my favorite places are in the one state I know. Does this make me biased? Absolutely.

The one city I would move to immediately if I were given the opportunity is San Diego. Great weather year round, awesome friendly people, and sometimes they have an all encompassing media convention.


Places to (hopefully one day) visit in the U.S: Boston, Portland, Seattle, Austin, Las Vegas, Miami, and Chicago. Internationally I'd like to see Japan, England, The Netherlands, Finland, Brazil, Panama, The Moon, and China since they'll one day rule us all.

What say you TAYers? Where you been? Where you going? Would you like to contribute to my awesome travel fund? TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES.