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You guys know those 25 -75 cent machines with the plastic rings, balls, stickers, temporary tattoos and/or other assorted junk toys? Yep, capsule machines! Cool stuff, right? I am obsessed with blind box toys (which reminds me, note to self: plan a future Gil Toss article with LoserM as mentioned to him ages ago). There's a certain joy in not knowing what you're going to get, isn't there? Then there's the certain anger at getting crap, which usually happens to me since I have bad luck.

I set out to collect an army of ninjas at one point in my life from those machines. But not just any ninjas, oh no. These came with parachutes! Because if a regular ninja is not deadly enough, give him a parachute and even the skies wouldn't be safe. When I was looking around to get a picture of them for the open forum, in true ninja fashion, I couldn't find them. They're very good at hiding, apparently. Who knew? I only found the one you see pictured there and he tried to assassinate the cat burglar. There's never a dull moment here. With that, back into the shadows he goes.

For today's suggested topics: What's the best capsule toy you've gotten? The worst one? Any sentimental value attached to any of them?


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