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Good morning everyone and welcome to another week on TAY (not to say TAY moves at a different rate of time than everywhere else...). I had a good weekend of not doing the things I was supposed to. I finished Eureka 7, started Tales of Graces f, and bought two games. It's always a bummer to finish a great anime and then be stuck trying to fill that void.


In other news my Japanese professor thought it would be a fun idea to invite his 100 level classes to the honors presentations. So it looks like I might be presenting on language in anime and manga to about 50 people tonight ( ._') As such I have to finish everything today so I might not respond as much as usual. In my place I'm sending benevolent shadow lord Dyram to hang out.

For a prompt...um...what show or game left you all empty inside when it was done? Talk about this or anything else below!

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