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Hey TAY! Happy Tuesday 2 ya! The only reason I sound excited is cause I'm wide awake and writing this 18 hours ahead of time otherwise I'll get home from work and just pass out thus forgetting to make this post and I don't want that happening again.


Anyway, over the weekend a friend notified me about Goodwill having a RockBand drum kit for $3. He offered to buy it then deliver it for the low price of $20. Supply n demand n whatnot.

I chose to drive down there and get it. The only issue I have is that its a Wii kit and I have a PS3 so now its just taking up space. I only wanted the drum pedal so I'm glad it was in very good shape. Totally worth $3! Better than any price I'd find online.

Have you guys found any sweet deals at your local thrift shop? Do you donate to your local thrift shop? PRO TIP: Don't google image search 'thrift shop' SO many macklemore pictures! *shudder*


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