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Oye, TAY! Enjoying a rainy Lokisday, as I am? Thunderstorms abound today (Hrrrmm, you'd almost think that it was Thorsday or something), and it has been raining since last night. Woo! Though seriously, bad weather has been reported in many places and when the weather turns dangerous, that's hardly fantastic.

Nature can truly be terrifying. Movies like The Impossible remind us just how insane things can get from the likes of earthquakes and tsunamis.


Then there are movies that take the scary things such as tornadoes and twist them to make something even more dangerous.

For Today's Suggested topic(s): What games could benefit from sharknadoes? All of them? Okay, that was too easy. Then how about this - let's do another doodle open forum today. Doodle me a dangerous, ridiculous combination involving a tornado and a ______. Unable to doodle it? Then make your suggestion in the comments below and maybe someone will doodle it for you.

Here's mine:


As always, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves if ain't nobody got time for ___nadoes! It is the Open Forum, after all. Don't forget that the IRC Channel is always around for you to carry out discussions as well. If you wanted to give an admin, author, and/or friend a shout: You can find them on the DirecTAYry.

  • Reminder: We will be watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit for TAYV Movie Night beginning 9 p.m. EDT TONIGHT. If you're new to movie night, send a message to me on AIM at Zarnyx or Zarnyx Uriel and I will add you to the chatroom. I will be there around 8:30 p.m.

Edit: Here you go, guys. It's okay to bring back the memories now.

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