I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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What's up TAY? Hope you all had a great weekend. DisturbedShadow here filling in for Morie who is still in Japan right now. She'll be back to hosting the Forum next Monday but if anyone ever needs someone to cover a Forum feel free to contact me.

Lately I've been think about game soundtracks a lot as I wrote a couple articles on them. That got me thinking, if I could have anyone work on a game soundtrack, who would I pick? And we're not just talking game composers, we're talking anyone. I would pick the Swedish metal band In Flames. Over the course of their 20+ year career they've covered a wide range of styles and a lot of their songs feel like they would go so well in a video game. I think their music would be well suited to a 2D sidescrolling fantasy game. Their songs even translate well into chiptunes.

Here's a track from In Flames

And here's a chiptune cover.

So what about you TAY? Who would you want to see compose a game soundtrack? You can pick a famous composer, your best friend who produces music in a basement recording studio, a favorite band/artist, anyone you want. Don't know? Who's your favorite game composer? What's your favorite game soundtrack? Who's your favorite band? Talk Amongst Yourselves about these questions or anything else you want!

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