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Warning: First world problem incoming.

I currently own an iPhone 5c. Absolutely love it, it looks quite fancy. It's the same as the one pictured. Yellow with a blue case.

My work has graciously given me a BlackBerry Q10. We used to have an archaic pager (yes, the strange machine that predated the cell phone), but we've now switched to a soft phone that can be routed to a personal number. Everyone on my team has received a BlackBerry to eliminate the pager, increase availability, and allow email access while not connected to the network.


My "problem" is that now I have two phones in my pocket. I had a system! Front left pocket, iPhone. Front right pocket, keys (rarely, coins). Back right pocket, wallet. Now I'm sticking two phones in my front left pocket, and it's uncomfortable and heavy.

So my question is: Are any of your toiling away over some first world problems of your own? Care to share them?


If you don't want to talk about this, then feel free to talk about anything else!

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