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Hey gang! We're already halfway through 2014! Can you believe it?!

It feels like it was only six months ago when we were wondering what the next three hundred and sixty-five days would bring. Hopes. Aspirations. DREAMZ.

As per usual, its common for people to set up goals or resolutions. Personally, I prefer goals to resolutions. Goals feel like they are capable of being met whereas resolutions have a tendency to go to the wayside by the second week of January.

A few goals I had set for myself this year have already come to fruition.

Goal #1 was to buy a car. It didn't have to be new it just didn't have to be absolute shit. This goal was accomplished on February 19th. Bought a 2000 Dodge Neon. It belonged to the State of California at one point so its in very good shape.


Goal #2 was just recently accomplished and that was to find a new employer. After 8 years of working at the rock bottom of the film industry, I've found a job at a nearby warehouse. It might be strenuous at times but at least I no longer have to deal with entitled customers trying to buy their kids tickets to an R rated movie.

Now to see what the next six months will bring.

What about you guys? Were any goals met, broken, or exceeded? Do you even bother with resolutions anymore?