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Good morning and welcome to another zany week in your favorite internet hideaway, TAY. I had a pretty great holiday weekend. Dyram and I went to NYC just to hang out and visit. The best part was definitely spending most of Saturday with UI and Unimplied, both of whom are very cool and fun to be around IRL. They aren't bad looking, either :3 We hit up some anime/otaku interest stores and bonded over the shared experience of not being able to buy all the figures, and got ramen at Ippudo (thanks Z!).

On Saturday night we got dinner with Dyram's sister and childhood friend at Balthazar, one of my favorite restaurants. It has an amazing atmosphere and good cocktails, but besides that, they do one of the only desserts I will really go out of my way for. I'm not a huge dessert person unless it's ice cream, but this banana ricotta tart guys...to be fair, it does include ice cream.

Possible the biggest food highlight of the trip was that header picture, though. You all know how Dyram and I feel about chicken and waffles, so when I heard there was a brunch that served pumpkin waffles with fried duck and praline syrup, I had to go. It did not disappoint. If you are in NYC or visiting anytime, stop at Ducks Eatery for Sunday brunch!


What's the most outrageous, or at least the most memorable dishes you've had at restaurants?

Or, what did you think of the premier of Sailor Moon Crystal? Talk about this or anything else below!

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