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Good morning and welcome to another week on TAY! I'm doing a short spiel today because I'm stressed out over a work thing. It really sucks when someone doesn't check or doesn't get an e-mail and it makes you look like you didn't do your work that you totally did. Normal people would probably just correct the misunderstanding and carry on, but it's cause for turning into a basket case with me.

Anyway, sidequests! Dyram and I are in the endgame of Tales of Symphonia, so most of our play sessions lately have been sidequest focused. Some are serious, some are silly, but the one of the best has to be the revelation that the Wonder Chef - a little game mechanic for getting recipes to cook after/between battles - is actually a vaguely supernatural being at war with a legion of dark chefs seeking to corrupt people. Delightful.


What's the most memorable sidequest for you? Which was tedious and you hated? Talk about this or anything else below!