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My summer class finished up yesterday and now I have two weeks to relax before I head back to campus for the fall semester. And by relax I mean I'm going to get a lot done. I've got various pieces I've been working on for TAY that I've been neglecting because of class and I also want to take the time to get way ahead on my weekly posts so in case something comes up during school. And of course there are various other projects I've been working on that I haven't had enough time for. Hopefully I can squish it all into two weeks and also have some time to work on my gaming backlog.

So how about you guys? Enjoying the end of your summer? Ready for school to start up again (if you're still in school)? Eager to get back to things you've neglected due to school or work? Do you have a sweet Hammock? Sound off down below on these questions or just Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever!