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Getting into the United States of America is nerve-wracking!

It shouldn't be, though. I'm never smuggling anything. I'm always honest and declare everything I have when asked. I'm a Canadian, I don't think I'm a threat.


I think it's the 30 cameras, flashing the guns, wearing sunglasses, and looking super badass is the cause. It's kind of intimidating. The guy took my passport, asked for my nationality, asked where I was going, why, how long, who I was meeting, asked why I was going to the US again, who owns the vehicle that I'm driving, what is my relationship with my passenger (wife), how much cash do I have on my person, etc..

My returns are much more simple though. Getting back into Canada is always slow, I spent over an hour waiting in line to cross back into Canada, but less scary.


I give the guy my passport, he asks what I did, the value of the goods I'm returning with, and then sends me on my merry way. No visible weapons involved.


So my question is: Do you have any examples of something that should be super easy but always seems incredible scary to you?

If you don't want to talk about this, then feel free to talk about anything else!