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Good morning TAY! How are you all on this fine Freyrday? So I've had an increased interest in Norse mythology recently. Probably due to all the Norse Gods that seem to dwell in TAY's IRC and my recent obsession with the Band Amon Amarth. This made me realize that pretty much everything I know about Norse mythology comes from my own research I've done into it inspired by the Thor Marvel films or bands like Amon Amarth. I learned pretty much nothing about it in school. Egyptian, Greek/Roman and other mythologies were covered pretty frequently in my education but why no love for the Norse? I always found it to be the most interesting.

So TAY... What is your favorite mythology? What ancient gods and heroes do you like the best? Which myths in particular do you find to be the most interesting? Don't care about Mythology? What game lore do you like the best? Don't care about this topic at all? Talk Amongst Yourselves about this topic or anything else below!