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So I've noticed something TAY. GameStops are disappearing! Back in December I bought GTA V for my friend as a Christmas gift. I ordered it online along with the other gifts I was getting people for Christmas. I really didn't have any intention of getting the game for myself, but the friend I bought it for convinced me to get it to play it with him. It would be quicker to buy it in a store so I went online to check if the GameStop closest to my house had GTA V in stock only to find out the place shut down. It was just a minor inconvenience. I ordered it online and had it to play few days later.

Last night I went to pre-order Destiny and while I was choosing the pick-up in store option so I could have it at launch I found out the store I was planning to pick it up at which was only like a 15 minute walk from my college campus has also shut down. So when Destiny launches I'll have to make a much longer trip to the next nearest GameStop to pick it up. Fun!


I was curious so I did a few searches online and it turns out this is happening all over the country. It seems the prevalence of online orders and digital downloads these days is starting to take its toll on brick-and-mortar establishments. I won't be surprised if in a few years GameStop is a mostly online store.

So now I pass it to you TAY. Have you been affected by a GameStop disappearance? Do you like to order your games online or do you prefer to buy them in a store? Do you see GameStop headed toward being a primarily online store? Do you prefer physical or digital media when it comes to games? Sound off below and Talk Amongst Yourselves!