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Good morning and welcome to another week on/of/in/at TAY. I feel like it's been kind of a long time since I hung out with you all. Unfortunately I still have a 9:40 lab this morning so the hanging will still be stunted. What did everyone do this weekend? I lazed around and beat Tales of Symphonia. It's very bittersweet. What a great game! We probably took too long getting through it, though. By the way, Zelos and Lloyd are both excellent husbando candidates.

I've also been playing Radiant Historia and enjoying it so far. It's always interesting to see how different works of fiction handle time travel. Funny enough, Radiant History's system actually has a bit in common with a time travel story I was working on a year or so ago. I think there's a lot to work with in the idea that multiple timelines hinge on pivotal decisions.


What are your favorite or least favorite time travel systems? If you wrote a time travel story, how would you explain it? Talk about this, food because we all love food, or anything else below!

P.S. I shortened the opener text because it was too wordy. Feel free to copy and paste from me, fellow OF hosts.