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Good Morning! Good Morning! Here comes the sun goo goo ga joob!

Ok so I'm just gonna put this out there since I'm sure I'm the only person to remember this. The day was September the 9th of the year 2009 EA and Harmonix released The Beatles: Rockband. It's now 5 years old! Its definitely underrated considering all the work that went into it. It has a visual style all its own and the tracks on the disc are top shelf.


I should also throw SEGA a bone and wish the DreamCast a happy birthday since we're celebrating 9/9 anniversaries. GTA 2 was the best on that console!

Anyway, many of you will be playing Destiny all day and so will I. Hopefully UPS doesn't take their sweet time. What are some of your favorite songs involving outer space or planets and the like? I'll get you started!

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