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Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone and welcome to another week on TAY.

So the new Smash Bros. demo is sitting on my 3DS and I really have no motivation to play it. I'm sure it's cool and great, but I'm not getting the 3DS version of the game. I've never been the biggest Smash fan, so it just doesn't make sense for me to spend the money on that version when I'm just going to play the WiiU version eventually anyway. That said, I'm sure I will feel very left out when everyone on TAY has it and it dominates the community, heh.

Are there any games that everyone but you is hyped for? That only you are hyped for? Talk about this and anything else below!

Important note: I really need someone to switch days with me. I'm at school on Mondays from 9:30 - 3:45 and don't even have computer time in there. I feel bad that I can't reply to anyone or hang out on the OF anymore, so it would work much better with my schedule if I had any other day. Inquire within. Thanks!

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