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I am starting to get annoyed with the final English class I need to take before I can be done with it forever. It is a technical writing course that I'm required to take but I don't feel that it relevant to my area of study or the field I wish to go in. It's a course geared toward Engineering, Computer Science, and other such technical majors. I basically have to take this course on a technicality. I am dual majoring in Game Design and Computer Science. I would be going for just a straight up Game Design major but unfortunately my school doesn't offer it yet as the program is still rather new. The only option is dual majors with Computer Science and Art. Since I'm not artistically inclined I went with CS... which has landed me in this class. I want to go into the game industry and don't care too much for the CS side of things and my experience reflects that. This is why this class is not useful to me and why the fact that I am more design focused is detrimental to my ability to perform as well as I could in this class.

Enough of my complaining though, it's time for today's topic questions! Have you ever been required to take a class that you didn't feel was relevant to the field you wanted to go into? Have you ever been frustrated with your school for some stupid thing like this? Do you feel like complaining about something? Here's your chance to vent or just Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever you like!