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Top of the morning to ya! Another monday brings yet another Open Forum.

Did y'all enjoy yer weekends? Mine was filled with work and Destiny's raid. The ever daunting but oh so satisfying, Vault of Glass.


I've never done any sort of MMO thing before so this was the first time I could release my inner Leroy Jenkins and get some epic lutes.

Things are so chaotic when you're trying to figure out exactly what to do and the pressure to look up how its done is always there but we went in blind and now we see! The team I went in with were able to beat it twice over the last 3 days. Each attempt taking less time than before. I'd mark the first undertaking at around 8 hours and hundreds of deaths. I have no idea how we could ever beat it without dying but its something I'm more than willing to try.

Have any of you TAYers made it into the Vault of Glass? Perhaps you have some tales of old in other MMO raids? Or maybe you watched The Raid: Redemption and felt like kicking some ass (seriously, go watch it).


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