I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I think I am...decent...at video games. I'm probably never going to be the very best among TAY'ers at any genre, but I'm OK or good at most of what I play. What I am not decent at is being a coordinated person. I'm really clumsy and have bad depth perception. Dyram can tell you how I always find new and interesting ways to walk into things. This is pretty much why I have avoided playing Skyward Sword for years. It's a shame, because usually there is nothing better than a LoZ game and here is this one that I've just been disregarding.

I finally started it a few nights ago and yeah...I hate motion controls. I'm awkward and flail too much and am not confident I can even get through this game.

Do you have a game, even in a series you usually love, that you have avoided for some reason? Talk about this or anything else below!

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