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Hey! I hope you all had a lovely/spooky/scary (but not too scary) Halloween weekend! I spent my weekend being social since it's very hard for me to do anything during the week thanks to my work schedule.


Friday I went to go see Jake Gyllenhaal's latest film Nightcrawler. It's probably his best acting to date and I think he'll be recognized for it. That evening, I went to a super chill Halloween gathering. Cause, you know, that's how us Californians do it. A group of friends and I decided to dress up as a barber shop quartet. It was a quick. simple, and effective choice as it easily became one of my favorite costumes I've ever worn.

On Saturday night I was watching HBO's Sonic Highways when I got invited to a RockBand party. Wasn't gonna say no to that! Thanks to daylight savings time we all earned an extra hour of rockin that night. It's definitely catching up to me now though! I've got to rest up for what will surely be a busy week.

How did you spend your Halloween? Did you don a cool costume? Or did you load up on tons of candy?