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Greetings, earthlings! I hope you all had stellar weekends filled with big fluffy robot nurses and existential thoughts about your place in the Milky Way.


As for myself, it was a very sci-fi filled weekend. Friday night, I watched Disney's first crack at a Marvel adaptation that is Big Hero 6. I had no idea what the movie was about and I'm glad I never looked into it because I found it to be very charming. Visually its just gorgeous. San Fransokyo has never looked so good. Oh and it's led in with the new short, Feast, which involves a lovable pup and plenty of feels. The feels!

Next up was Interstellar. There was no way I was gonna make this OF without mention of it and I'm sorry in advance!

Some friends and I made the trek to the aforementioned San Fransokyo and watched this in IMAX. Fortunately, it was a trek very much worth taking. Seeing something like this on the biggest screen possible is just unbelievable. No its not a perfect film and may not even be the years best but the visuals and the music come together to make a one of a kind experience. I'm also glad that I was able to coax many of my friends from the interwebs to go see it and quite surprised that we agree. We usually don't! If you've got an IMAX theater near you, go see it!

Did you watch either of these films this weekend? Or maybe you spent your time reading a book? Use spoiler tags where applicable.



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