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Good morning everyone and welcome to another TuesTAY. If you're in the States, chances are you are already thinking a lot about food right now. Maybe you've even started to prepare something. I've always helped out a lot for my family's Thanksgiving. Pre-Dyram it usually fell on me to make about half the food. My primary domain, though, has always been desserts. My family's standby is the pumpkin pie from the Cooking Light Holiday Cookbook that is now at least ten years old. Actually much of our Thanksgiving menu is taken from here. It might sound kind of silly...Thanksgiving is supposed to be about indulgence and not caring about calories and all, but at the time this tradition started it was my family's way of trying to help me enjoy the holiday despite crippling anorexia. Family! It was sweet!

Anyway I digress. Last year I changed things up a bit by making Zarnyx's pumpkin cake. This year I might try a recipe my cousin came up with for pumpkin crumb cake. We're kind of a two dessert family, though, so I need something else! Maybe something with chocolate...

What is your favorite Thanksgiving or late fall dessert? Or give me a recipe...but please god no cheesecake.