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Good morning and happy first TuesTAY of December. Some of us, like me, are spending this week studying for finals and finishing up things for classes. Maybe you're getting your home ready for the holidays. I know I want to make the apartment all cozy and seasonal before my end of the semester/pre-finals/Christmas/Smash Bros. party this weekend!

Recently Dyram and I have been watching one of my favorite shows, Revolutionary Girl Utena. It's truly one of the best anime of all time and there's not really anything else like it. When describing it to someone (ok, Damson), Dyram said:

It's about a girl who's parents died when she was little. A prince came and gave her a ring with a rose crest and told her never to lose her strength and nobility. He inspired her so much that SHE wanted to be a prince. Fast forward, and the girl is now in middle school and wears a boy's uniform. She runs into an upperclassman who is physically abusing his girlfriend. She tells him to back off and he challenges her to a duel in the forest. Little does she know that this is just the first in a series of duels that she will take part in for the hand of the rose bride to open the path to eternity.

I was impressed. Not only is that accurate yet vague enough to avoid spoilers, but it sounds like the back of a box set. He should get hired to write that stuff.

So I have a fun activity for you today. Write your best description of a game, show, or movie, avoiding names and telling details, and we can guess what you're describing.


Do this or just talk amongst yourselves!

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