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Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!) I'll be assuming control of the Open Forum today.

Jumpin' gee willikers (ew, I just said that), can't believe it's already the second week of December! Have you all done your holiday shopping yet? Still need to buy that Secret Santa gift? I'm still undecided on whether I prefer wrapping or bagging. Bagging is easier and sometimes more elegant, but the receiver doesn't get the same surprise or satisfaction from unwrapping a gift.

[OK how am I going to relate this into a topic...? Oh I know!]

Recently, I started binge-watching a few shows, and in the past I've blown right through various games. Didn't give them the time they deserved. As the old expression goes, "the fast way isn't always the right way." Or something like that.


On the other hand, with certain releases, like Skyrim, I'll make certain to slow myself down to really appreciate it. I'm famous among my group of friends for being the guy who didn't use fast travel.

Think about that. [I'm either really into immersion or wasted a colossal amount of time]

What's a game, show, or other aspect of life that you feel like you didn't give enough time to? Do you plan to give it another shot in the future?


('Falling through time' header snagged from deviantArt)