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And Howdy TAY!

You guys, you're almost there. Those of you taking finals, those of you who may be heading into Christmas/Holiday breaks. YOU CAN DO IT! I've provided a song to get you going.

Speaking of Cowboy Bebop, this week was the week of Two Limited Edition Opportunities Missed.

I was not fortunate enough to snag one of these, admittedly sorta ugly yet kinda classy things. That controller! I want one. C'mon SONY, give us at least the controller! Still salty from Saturday after two hours of trying for a whole lot of nothing.


The second bit of Limited Edition madness, as told by UI, the Amazon copy of the Special Edition of Cowboy Bebop is now going for $300 - $400 plus on Ebay at the moment. I'm less broken up about it because the Funimation one is much classier to me.

For Today's Suggested Topic(s). Answers to any one or all of these will do:

  • So guys, are there any missed Limited/Collector's Edition items you wanted but never managed to get? Still Salty about that?
  • Your favourite Collector's Edition of something that you own.
  • Favourite SONY Playstation game/Memory of the past 20 years.
  • Cowboy Bebop songs in the comments because it's that kind of fabulous day!

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