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This semester I joined a TRPG campaign for the first time. It's a Pokemon game using the brilliant home-brewed Pokemon Tabletop United system. We've been running a sci-fi campaign in space. Today the semester ends and with it so has the campaign concluded. Yesterday we had a big finale to end the campaign and all kinds of crazy stuff went down. [Insert details here]. I cannot wait for next semester when we pick up where we left off for "season two!"

So where am I going with this? This campaign has been an a crazy experience in one hell of a universe pulling inspiration not just from Pokemon but from many great sci-fi experiences like Star Wars and Mass Effect and combining elements from all of them into an new and interesting experience.

So the topic question for today is, what elements from different franchises do you think could combine into a cool, new, and interesting story that isn't a cross-over? Maybe you too want to enjoy Pokemon mixed with Star Wars and Mass Effect, or maybe super heroes in the middle-ages. Whatever you want. If that doesn't float your boat, what is a game series you want to see have a spin-off in a different genre? Maybe you want Halo as a Star Wars Battlefront type game (oh god do I want that so much) or a FPS set in the StarCraft universe, or Zelda as an RPG more like Dragon Age, or a space combat RTS set in the Mass Effect universe! Tell me you ideas!


If these topics don't float your boat then Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever you like below!