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Good morning TAY! Allow me to open this forum with a cheerful greeting before it goes directly to the depressing/nostalgia zone!

Over the weekend I took my teenage cousin to San Francisco so we could watch Interstellar in IMAX. Yes I've already seen it but I had the day off so I jumped at the chance to make this happen. More so for him than for me. He had to experience this for himself. The movie is solid, though it's not much without Hanz Zimmer's awesome score. Give that man all the awards!

Anyway, since the version we saw was on a 70mm film print it made me realize that this may be the first and LAST time he gets to watch a movie on an old projector and not digitally. This also made me realize that KidsTheseDays™ will never have to deal with old technological issues we grew up with. This extends to games as well. Everything now is an open world where you're free to do as you please and not a sprite in a minimal color palette using a rope to jump over crocodiles.

They'll never experience the inability to communicate frustration and having to solve a level by themselves now that any derp with a youtube channel and machinima sponsorship has day one access to the latest in games media. They will never experience the difficulty of having to map out areas in games like Metroid or Castlevania since a majority of games now have an in game map. Oh and cheat codes! Those are definitely a relic of gaming days past.


Do you have any gripes with modern games that people now take for granted? Anything from classic gaming that should make a comeback? Am I what the South Park kids would call a 'grandpa'?


I'll be here. Staring into the abyss.