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Hello Kitties! Welcome to what is and forever will be my final Open Forum of the year! It seems like 2014 has gone by so quickly and with all the shitty things that have happened in the world this year, I'm sure glad its coming to an end.


Hopefully you all had a good holiTAY weekend and if you didn't perhaps you were a lot like me and got sad that your favorite console gaming services were down for a majority of the weekend allowing you to get through more single player focused games and less time decrypting engrams.

While FarCry 4 may not be the newest in innovation its still fun to go through and tear shit up. Explosions have never felt so good! I can only imagine what Michael Bay would do with a FarCry Movie. Surely it'd be better than Uwe Boll's rendition. I'm beginning to ramble....

How did you spend your holiTAY weekend? Lotsa coal in your stocking? I think i got the black lung pop! *cough cough*


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