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Good morning and welcome to another TuesTAY. I have to confess - I really hate New Year's (including Eve in here). It's always been the most depressing holiday for me (well, except maybe 4th of July because that happens in fucking July). Christmas is just so magical and nice and then...New Year's. It's just kind of there and it's bleak and yet you're expected to have cool plans for it. It is the #1 holiday of never living up to the hype about how great a time it's supposed to be. I don't like the whole "new beginnings" thing, because I'm not good with change. Christmas is warm and familiar, New Year's is full of uncertainty.

With all that TMI about my state of mine out of the way, this is in fact a New Year's open forum. Part of the reason the holiday sucks is that people's resolutions tend to suck. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with changing your habits. However, January is not a super convenient month for working out or better eating habits in many parts of the world. Also I have about three boxes of hot chocolate to go through still. So, let's try to come up with some creative and positive resolutions that don't center on how much we hate ourselves. Mine:

  • Actually write things on TAY again and act on all the ideas that pop up in my head. For instance, I thought about doing articles about the history and motivation behind some popular Japanese concepts that tend to come up in anime.
  • Cook more often instead of just thinking "yeah I should make that sometime."

How about you? Resolution amongst yourselves or talk about anything else below!