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HAPPY NEW YEAR TAY! Yes I know I'm late but since the holiday weekend is over I thought I'd usher y'all into the year 2015. Now we can all go back to work or school, venture out into the cold, and once again begin the grind that is our lives. That extra XP ain't gonna earn itself!

On the eve of the new year I spent most of my time at home doing nothing until late at night when I went over to a friend's house and played some Smash Bros for WiiU. Game is amazing. TenOuttaTen fo sho. PacMan's final smash is hilarious! I spent a lot of time playing the new characters. I don't really get how to play as the villager but I'm sure with some practice I could get the hang of it.

How was your holiday weekend? Were you lucky enough to freeze your ass off and watch the ball drop at Times Square? You're braver than I!