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HAY TAY! Monday is here welcoming us all with its inviting smile and warm embrace!


Let's talk burgers. Yesterday I hadn't eaten all day and I was quite hungry. Not just any hungry. HELLA hungry. So after my shift at the local picturehouse, I decided to eradicate this beast with a beast of a meal.

Next scene: I go to the Carl's Jr. across the street which I understand is not the pinnacle of burgerdom but there was no time to waste and I may as well get the biggest burger I can get my hands on in the immediate vicinity. My order consisted of a 1/2 lb. Western Six Dollar Burger, fries, and a drink. The meal itself wasn't da best or anything but it met the needs at that point in time.

I'm well aware I've yet to try a burger that's gonna change my life. Can you guys recommend a particular establishment that satisfies your meat loving needs? Anything that's not on the west coast can be mailed to me ASAP.


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