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Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the first time I linked to TAY! It was a cold January morning and I had nothing to do at work that day. I was scrolling through Kotaku as I was prone to do during my free time and I noticed the daily Kotaku round-up of TAY articles for the first time because a certain Tentacruel caught my eye.

But I didn't become a TAYer then... No not yet. I forgot TAY was a thing shortly after since I didn't realize exactly what it was at the time. It wasn't until late February that I started lurking here in this wonderful place and I didn't comment until mid March! When that anniversary rolls around in two months I will write something but in the meantime let's discuss some TAY memories!

Do you remember the first time you were linked to TAY? What drew you here? What was the first comment you made here? Who shared your first article from TAYClassic to the main page? What was it about? Who granted you authorship? Or maybe you've been here since the before time. Don't feel like talking about this? Then Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever you want!

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