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Hey gang! We've ,made it to the last Monday in January. This year is just going by isn't it? Time is a flat circle y'all!


Lately I've been having some trouble. Trouble getting games done in a timely manner. Shadow Warrior is very much the poster child for this dilemma. Originally I rented this around its initial release but as I was too busy with work at the time I had to ditch it for something else. I couldn't give it my full attention and so got delayed.

Flash forward to the beginning of the month. I had just finished FarCry 4 and had an empty slot in my Gamefly queue and so Shadow Warrior was on its way to me. Now this month has been much more lax with my work schedule but as things often go I was unable to get into a gaming mood. Thankfully I was able to get past all that and finally complete it over the weekend. Good game!

Have there been any games you couldn't find the time for? Did you ever get around to playing them? I know more than a few of us have backlogs.


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