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Good morning everyone and welcome to another TuesTAY. Hopefully everyone is staying warm and dry or if you live the Southeast it's not even a concern (>.>). With everyone talking about snow, I decided to do a snow theme today. Not your favorite ice/winter level because that's been done, but your favorite snow/winter town in a game. A lot of games have these idyllic places that are always frosty and lamplit, from Narshe (ok but everyone is usually trying to kill you there) to Snowbelle City in last year's Pokemon X & Y. I always find these locations very calming and cozy.

My favorite is probably Flanoir from Tales of Symphonia. Not only is it beautiful and even has an ice sculpture display, but it's home to some significant scenes for plot and character development. There are also kids in coats with frog ears. Where can I get one of those?

What's your favorite wintry non-level location in a game? Talk about this or anything else below!

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