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So I originally had an idea for my TAY Time Chat this past Wednesday but it gave me an even better idea so I decided to use it for this here Open Forum! Let's talk Planets. We've all seen many a cool planet in movies, TV shows, comics, and of course, video games. From the stunning worlds of Star Wars to the origin planets of some of our favorite alien super heroes, there are so many cool planets out there. There are also some cool ones in our own universe!

So here are some topics for you guys today!

What are some of your favorite planets from any fictional universe?


Design your own dream planet! What kind of planet would you like to live on? What kind of biomes does it have? What's the architecture like? What kind of creatures live on it? What will you name it? Don't feel the need to ground yourself in reality either. Go as wild as you want!

Of course, as always, if you don't feel like talking about planets then just Talk Amongst Yourselves about anything else! Enjoy your weekend!

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