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Well, it was certainly a bit weekend for gamers. Most of us are probably either collecting masks or hunting monsters these days, or maybe both. Of the two big releases, I've only played MH4U so far. Even better, I got to play it in the same room with Dyram AND Unimplied. It was wonderful to have him here for a few days ^_^

Monster Hunter is pretty fantastic. Aside from being prettier and getting to explore a new world with some new monsters, I've noticed the way you can interact with the terrain is much more dynamic and real (ok, being able to fall that far and not break your knees isn't that real). I'm using dual blades again and not really feeling like changing. That's how I am in games. I tend to stick with classes and weapon types I like (stealth or long ranged characters with high DPS and low defense, fast weapons) and never deviate.

How about you? Do you stick to a certain type or do you enjoy trying all diverse classes? What is your all time favorite character and weapon class? Talk about this or anything and everything else below!