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O hay TAY! Welcome to the final days of February as we March on to the next month!

I was thinking about stuff that we get in the states from overseas. Trade and import is essential to the sustenance of this country and I'm not talking about the lowball values that GameStop gives ya!

My parents were in Mexico for the past two weeks and on their return my mom bestows upon me fresh ground coffee from the mountains of Nayarit. She tells me that she cut, cooked, and ground the beans herself. If you don't think that's the coolest shit ever then get outta my face! It's like getting a craft brew but with coffee. Also, it tastes awesome. None of that crap from a Folgers can.

Over the weekend my sister gave me a fat sack of Japanese treats courtesy of her friends overseas. Everything is a mystery cause I don't know the language! The best thing I came upon was a mini-Totoro made of glass. Its so darn cute!


What are some of your favorite import items? It could be anything! Even vidya gaems!