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Good morning everyone and welcome to another TuesTAY. Today I want to talk about a show that captured the hearts and minds of my brother and I as children. He was a preteen and I was a little kid, so his interest might have been the beginnings of his random humor phase, but I genuinely loved it. This show was Iron Chef. The drama. The bad dubs. The Chairman. It was just something else.

The other day I was reminded of all this with one video:

Yes, this is Iron Chef America, not original flavor, but in many ways the American chairman was even campier than his predecessor. Though if you want to watch some of that, it's around. Inspired by Iron Chef, secret ingredients, and food in general, today's topics:

  • What is your favorite ingredient to cook with/to eat in dishes?
  • If you were the chairman on Iron Chef, what would you pick for the secret ingredient?

Talk about this or anything else, below, and let's all try to live our lives a bit more like this dude today.

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