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Oh hello there, didn't see you come in. I'll be your host for the day while Morie's out traveling and being I'mapeein' (no, I think that joke goes 'European' huehuehue). Make yourself at home, I'll be in shortly.

My latest addiction is Heroes of the Storm. Curse Blizzard for making such addicting games. It's not as hardcore as the other MOBA counterparts—at least in terms of the grindy-ness— but boy is it fun. And there's a ridiculous number of maps! Variety! Huzzah!

But I think the best part of it is really just seeing all my favorite characters interact. You've got your staple Warcraft characters like Thrall, Jaina, and Muradin; Starcraft characters like Tassadar and Raynor; Diablo characters like Tyrael and... well, Diablo; and even some classic characters, like the Lost Vikings!


Seeing all the crossovers made me think of Easter Eggs (and how appropriate, isn't that holiday coming up sometime soon?). Neryl did a series on the spoopiest Easter Eggs at Halloween that were 3spooki5me, but let's hear about some of your favorites!


What's your favorite Easter Egg in a game or television show? What was the best tribute to another work?

Of course, don't feel obligated to stick to that topic. Feel free to come and chat about whatever you like! Take a load off, put your feet up— let's have a chat, shall we?

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