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Fools, I’ll be hosting today, for I AM THE PRINCE OF SAIYANS OPEN FORUMS! You can call me Tim.

Let’s talk about the best game mode / cheat: BIG HEAD MODE. For April Fool’s, Blizzard did a big head mode parody of both Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm, and I’m still taking in the cuteness. I mean, just look at this mecha-Tassadar:

Which leads me to remember the only hockey game I ever played: that one Wayne Gretsky game for the N64. You could normally do hockey-brawl-throwdowns, but with big head mode enabled it made your character’s head SO LARGE that you could barely reach your fists to hit them.


This is a pretty common thing, so let’s jump into the topic: What’s the best example of big head mode, or what’s a game you think should have it?

I will totally break out the Photoshop for this.

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