I'm really feeling it!

TAY: Open Forum

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You know the drill for Tuesdays now (unless you are new, in which case: hello! don’t be afraid to jump in!). Open forum. My name’s Tim. Let’s do this thing.


Usual stuff is going on with me: all-day meetings, catching up on games that seemingly never end (have been going back to Monster Hunter lately; and of course Heroes of the Storm). Have also spent a large amount of time also making gifs (like the one above), because they are my lifeblood [if you ever want one/want one optimized, feel free to ask].

Just look at that guy. So excited. SO READY.

What has you excited lately? Any new releases coming up? Excited to see the Avengers? Doesn’t even have to be about that— what’s going on in your life?

I’m leaving the topic pretty open today— don’t have to follow it or anything— but just somewhere to start if you aren’t certain. That’s what the Open Forum is about after all, isn’t it? Come put your feet up, have a drink. Tell me about life.

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