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Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody! I’m your host, Tim, and I’ll be making the margaritas today.


How are we all doing today? I’m doing a bit of graphic design today— the fun part of my job— but it’s going a bit slow. Hopefully your day is fairing better. Also: shoutout today to those who are finishing college— I know there’s a number of you who are either done or in the home stretch— I’m proud of you. Congrats!

Today let’s chat about secret locations. Ever find a hidden location in a game (or even in real life!) that was special to you?

There’s a number of locations I recall from World of Warcraft over the years that I remember being special. The easier-to-find location in Stormwind was a place called Cut-Throat Alley— it was disguised as a normal shop, but when you went through the back, it led to a much larger section. There was no purpose to it either— no NPCs or quests or anything— just hidden in plain sight.


Newman’s Landing was the other location that I had just randomly found when exploring. I had fallen from the side of the continent and was swimming around the mountainside for a good ten minutes when all of a sudden I came across this decaying house. No purpose at all to it, but it had a sign telling the location. Even creepier, when somebody looked at your location in game, it would say “Unknown” and bringing up the map it wouldn’t know where to place you. Clearly, I was not meant to be there.

Of course, feel free to talk about anything you’d like. Put your feet up, sip on that margarita, and let’s chat, shall we?

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