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Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! After ten thousand years, I’m free!

As always, I am your eternal servant and host, Tim, and this is Tuesday’s Open Forum.

I was having a discussion with Bonny about a particular show changing the cast and it really got me thinking. I’m pretty indifferent most of the time when it comes to new characters taking over the main one’s role (so long as their time has come and it’s not too abrupt) because it usually offers a nice change of pace. New Mortal Kombats (and most fighters in general...) are always changing up the roster and I thought it was neat this time that they added the children of the already-established characters like JOHNNY CAGE’s daughter, Cassie.

That said, one thing I hate is when another actor suddenly assumes the role of an established character and everybody seemingly goes on pretending like nothing happened (LOOKING AT YOU, DAARIO NAHARIS).


Sometimes, though, I’m pretty cemented in my ways. POWER RANGERS comes to mind. It was one thing when they replaced each of the regular rangers... but I remember when they got rid of Tommy (best ranger) I ditched the show entirely. NOPENOPENOPE. Similarly: much as I love Daniel Craig, it was difficult for me to go to the new Bond because Pierce Brosnan, to me, just looks like James Bond. It just takes a bit of warming up sometimes.


Bringing me to today’s topic: What’s a show or game that was able to successfully transition between casts? Unsuccessfully?