I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey there bloodbags! Welcome to the sandy landscape that is the Monday Open Forum!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m kind of driving through a Mad Max: Fury Road high at the moment. It consumed my entire weekend so much so that I watched it twice. Once in 3D at my local theater (full disclosure: I work there) and once in the ‘Large Premium Format’ theater about 30 minutes away.


Sidenote: I was initially gonna watch it in IMAX but Disney has a hold of all the IMAX theaters at the moment and I wasn’t gonna drive 6 hours down to Hollywood in order to do so. Damn you, Walt!

Anyway, both experiences were amazeballs. Although the film itself wasn’t shot using 3D tech, the conversion was really well done and the effect was well placed even when there weren’t crazy awesome moments (which there are plenty of.) After seeing it once I knew I had to give it my money so figured why not watch it in a format I’ve yet to try? Galaxy DFX is bigger, clearer, and louder than any standard movie. If you’ve yet to see this and there’s a Premium Screen nearby I’d highly recommend it.


Enough gushing from me. Did you guys go see the Mad Maxes? Did you like it or hate it?

Feel free to talk of other things as well! This is an open forum after all.


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