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Good morning, it’s me, Morie, a complete stranger, filling in for Unimplied. Oh how the tables have turned! I hope everyone has been doing well. I’m just languishing at home and have basically become a freelancer because I can’t really commit to a lot of full time jobs right now.


Something about summer makes me want one thing: life sims. Ever since 2013, I really start missing Animal Crossing: New Leaf around this time. Last year we had Tomodachi Life, which was fun but no substitute for our towns with Isabel, Reese and Cyrus, and the rest. Although I know it’s not really a life sim and pretty different from it’s relative Rune Factory, I picked up Lord of Magna in hopes of scratching the itch.

Do you ever find that you want to play different types of games in different seasons or stages of life? What’s your favorite -sim game? Talk about this or anything else below!

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