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Hello there, I’m Tim, your TuesTAY Open Forum host.

It’s Batman day! Arkham Knight is out today, and I’m dyingggg of anticipation at work. Most of the reviews have been stellar, and I really enjoyed the other games. It also helps that I’m a big DC nerd and Batman never proves to be dull.

I know, I know. I’m a bad person for not finishing the other games I’ve gotten lately. I probably won’t finish the Witcher 3 anytime soon. Or get to explore the latest Xenoverse DLC to it’s fullest extent. But it’s BATMAN! Who can refuse him?

Batman is awesome and everybody knows the brilliance of his tactics and strategy... but one of the things I enjoy most about him is the part that’s very rarely looked upon— his heart. Bruce is never one to, well... share his feelings with others, but when he does it’s always so significant. Makes me get the fuzzies.


Poor guy. Too bad they’ll never let him be happy.

Who are some of the characters you really look up to? Not necessarily somebody you can relate to, but a character that says or acts in a way that inspires you.


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