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Hey there TAYters! Did you muricans have good long murica weekends?

4th of July is nice and all but for me 5th of July was more important. Yesterday was the Final in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Team USA versus Japan. A rematch 4 years in the making.


In 2011 these feisty footy fighters met on the field with Japan taking the big win. That was my first time following the WWC and it was fuckin devastating! But fast forward 4 years later and the stage is set for the two teams to battle once again. Although it wasn’t much of a battle...

The U.S. was up 3-0 within the first 15 minutes. It was astonishing! Of course Japan and their unbreakable spirit would try and bounce back by scoring 2 goals of their own. By the end of the 90+ minutes the United States was declared victor of the 2015 World Cup.

So TAYers when was the last time you won something? Was it a contest? Maybe hit the jackpot at a casino? Did a Nigerian prince invite you to his country?


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