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Hello there everybody, I’m your host for Tuesdays, Tim [not to be confused with Monday Tim].

Hope you all enjoyed your (hopefully) extended weekends. I know I’m not ready to be back. Short as it seemed, it did let me catch up on a lot that I had been meaning to do— like actually committing to some drawings.

A buddy of mine and I are in the midst of some drafts for a webcomic we’ve been wanting to write for years, and I’m constantly throwing away ideas that I regret not keeping later. On one hand, I enjoy keeping things simplesimplesimple, but on the other, part of me wants this intricate web of plots and ideas that can be hard to follow.


Bringing me to today’s topic: What makes a series compelling and worthwhile to you? This can be a game, a book, a TV show, a play... anything you’d like to offer up. What attracts you to it and makes it your favorite?


Is it the use of colors and imagery (see: Joseph going “whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” above)? Is it the sense of escapism and impossibility? Or maybe how realistic and relevant it is to your life?

What about the character interactions? Gameplay? Action? Drama? ROMANCE? Do you enjoy the fine-details, or the ambiguity?


Feel free, as always, to discuss what you like! Don’t let the topic dictate what you talk about!