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Hey there TAY. It’s a somber morning here at TAY West. I’m sure you know why.

The passing of Mr. Satoru Iwata comes as an absolute shock to anyone that has grown up playing video games. We could ask ourselves why do the good go when they are so young but instead let us rejoice in a legacy the man has left behind. My first console was the NES. It was like my first home as a gamer. Countless hours spent playing the mario series among others. I still have a majority of the GamePaks! I’ve owned all the Nintendo consoles up to the Wii. I’m still so sad it burnt out before I could finish Mario Galaxy 2 or got around to playing Skyward Sword. I would like to go back and dig up some of these classic machines in order to pay homage to the man that lead the way for so many years.


Before the tragic news broke, I was just finishing up Metal Gear Solid on PSOne. Figured I could start going through the series before the next installment drops in September. MGS has one of my favorite endings to a game ever. Its very hopeful and makes you look forward to the future. This line stands out to me the most:

The important thing is that you choose life... and then live! -Naomi Hunter

The Best Is Yet To Come.

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